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Week   of: Monday, July 2nd, 2012
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"Remember   to perform random acts of kindness."
  ~ From the film Pay It Forward,   released in 2000


Mental Attitude: Immune Against Alzheimer's?
Researchers   discovered the best marker associated with memory is a gene called CCR2. This   gene showed immune system activity against beta-amyloid, thought to be the   main substance that causes Alzheimer's disease. According to Dr. Lorna   Harries, "Identification of a key player in the interface between immune   function and cognitive ability may help us to gain a better understanding of   the disease processes involved in Alzheimer's disease and related   disorders."
National Institute on Aging, June 2012
Health Alert: Cancer Rates Expected To Increase!
Cancer   incidence is expected to increase more than 75% by the year 2030 in developed   countries, and over 90% in developing nations. Countries must take action to   combat the projected increases in cancer rates via primary prevention   strategies such as healthier lifestyles, early detection, and effective   treatment programs.  
Lancet Oncology, June 2012
Diet: Snacking On Raisins.
Eating   raisins as an after-school snack prevents excessive calorie intake and   increases the feeling of fullness as compared to other commonly consumed   snacks. Grapes, potato chips and cookies resulted in approximately 56%, 70%   and 108% higher calorie intake compared to raisins, respectively. The   cumulative calorie intake (breakfast + morning snack + lunch + after-school   snack) was 10-19% lower in children who ate raisins as an after school snack   when compared to children who consumed other snacks.
Canadian Nutrition Society, May 2012
Exercise: Exercise and Cancer.
Researchers   are working toward proving that daily yoga or 20 minutes of walking will   likely extend a cancer patient's survival. In 15 years, doctors have gone   from being afraid to recommend exercise to cancer patients to having enough   data that shows it is safe and effective, particularly for relief of   treatment side effects.
American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting, June 2012
Chiropractic: Some Nerve?
Your   nervous system runs and controls every aspect of your body. For example,   there are 45 miles of nerves in your skin alone!
Gray's Anatomy
Wellness/Prevention: Early Stress?
Children   who experience intense and lasting stressful events in their lives score   lower on tests of the spatial working memory and have more trouble on tests   of short-term memory.
Journal of Neuroscience, June 2012

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