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Weekly Health Update
Week of: Monday, May 7th, 2012
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"Simple diet is best; for many dishes bring many diseases;
and rich sauces are worse than heaping several meats upon each   other."


Mental Attitude: Berry Good News.
Men who regularly consume foods rich in flavonoids (such as berries, apples, certain vegetables, tea and red wine) may significantly reduce their risk for developing Parkinson's disease. Flavonoids are naturally occurring, bioactive compounds present in many plant-based foods and drinks.
Neurology, April 2012
Health Alert: Stressed?
The risk for coronary heart disease and stroke increases by 30% in a person whose partner has cancer. The cause is probably the negative stress to which the cancer patient's partner is exposed. Previous studies show that stress can affect the nervous system, blood pressure, and inflammation, increasing the risk of developing coronary heart disease and stroke.
Centre for Primary   Healthcare Research in Malmö, April 2012
Diet: Pain Relief.
The supplement Methylsulfonylmethane gave osteoarthritis patients relief from symptoms of pain and physical dysfunction.
Osteoarthritis   Cartilage, 2008
Exercise: Being Fit.
Improving or maintaining physical fitness appears to help obese and overweight children reach a healthy weight. During a four-year study, obese and overweight girls and boys who achieved fitness were 2.5 to 5 times more likely to reach a healthy weight than those who stayed underfit.
Obesity, April 2012
Chiropractic: Slowing Degeneration?
Morphologic changes in the endplate that occur with advancing age or degeneration can interfere with normal disk nutrition and further the spinal degenerative process.   Degeneration decreases the ability of the spine to move through a full range of motion, which alters the integrity of the proteoglycans and water concentration, reducing the number of viable cells with decreased movement of solutes in and out of the disk.
Pain, 2004
Wellness/Prevention: Unhealthy Snacks, Sodas and Watching TV.
In a study of obesity   among European children, Dr. Yannis Manios, Assistant Professor at Harokopio University in Athens, writes, "We found that many countries are lacking clear guidelines on healthy eating and active play. However, there is good evidence linking sedentary behavior (like TV watching) with subsequent obesity. Therefore, TV-watching in kindergartens should be replaced by more active, non-competitive, fun activities which will promote the participation of the whole class and help children to achieve optimal growth, health and well-being. Similarly at home, TVs in the bedroom and unhealthy snacks in the kitchen cupboard are a bad idea. Parents should also remember that their role is not only to provide healthy food and drink options but to act as a role model themselves, since kids are copying their behaviors."
Obesity Reviews, March   2012

Weekly Health Updates

Weekly Health Update
Week   of: Monday, April 30th, 2012
Courtesy of:
Health   and Wellness Chiropractic
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"Anything is possible. You can be told   that you have a 90% chance or a 50% chance
or a 1% chance, but you have to believe, and you have to   fight."
~ Lance Armstrong


Mental Attitude: Meditation.
Adults with memory   impairment and memory loss may benefit from mantra-based meditation (12   minutes of meditation per day for 8 weeks). Mantra-based meditation has   demonstrated a positive effect on patients' emotional responses to stress,   fatigue and anxiety. Findings revealed a substantial increase in cerebral   blood flow in the patients' prefrontal, superior frontal, and superior   parietal cortices, and also better cognitive function.
Journal of Alternative   and Complementary Medicine, March 2012
Health Alert: Diabetics And Stroke.
26 million Americans   have diabetes, and more than half are younger than 65. The longer you have   diabetes, the higher your risk for stroke. Compared to people without   diabetes (after considering other factors such as age, smoking history,   physical activity, history of heart disease, blood pressure and cholesterol),   the risk of stroke increased 70% in people with diabetes for less than 5   years, 80% in people with diabetes for 5-10 years and three-fold in people   with diabetes for 10 years or more.
American Heart   Association, March 2012
Diet: Seeing Things?
Hungry people see   food-related words more clearly than people who've just eaten. This change in   vision happens at the earliest perceptual stages, before higher parts of the   brain have a chance to change the messages coming from the eyes.
Psychological Science,   March 2012
Exercise: Good Reasons.
Exercise helps to   alleviate low-back pain, helps to reduce the amount of insulin required to   control blood sugar levels in Type I (insulin-dependent) diabetics and   improves mental alertness.
Surgeon General's   Report on Physical Activity and Health, 1996
Chiropractic: Hold Your Head Up!
"Head in forward   posture can add up to thirty pounds of abnormal leverage on the cervical   spine. This can pull the entire spine out of alignment. Forward head posture   (FHP) may result in the loss of 30% of vital lung capacity. These   breath-related effects are primarily due to the loss of the cervical   lordosis, which blocks the action of the hyoid muscles, especially the   inferior hyoid responsible for helping lift the first rib during   inhalation."
~ Rene Cailliet M.D.,   famous medical author and former Director of the Department of Physical   Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of Southern California
Wellness/Prevention: Avoid Absenteeism.
The US is losing $226   billion per year due to employee absenteeism. A worker is less likely to take   sick leave if their supervisor offers support (lightened work load or stress   management training) when an employee is experiencing psychosomatic stress   symptoms. The worker feels inclined to reciprocate the supportive treatment   by keeping their work effort high.
European Journal of Work   and Organizational Psychology, January 2012

Weekly Health Updates

Weekly Health Update
Week   of: Monday, April 23rd, 2012
Courtesy of:
Health   and Wellness Chiropractic
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"Common sense is the collection of  prejudices acquired by age eighteen."
~ Albert Einstein


Mental Attitude: Get Your Sleep!
Older adults with  poor sleep habits have an altered immune system response to stress that may increase their risk for mental and physical health problems. Stress leads to significantly larger increases in a marker of inflammation in poor sleepers compared to good sleepers; a marker associated with poor health outcomes and death. Poor sleepers report more depressive symptoms, more loneliness and more global perceived stress relative to good sleepers. As people age, a gradual decline in the immune system occurs, along with an increase in inflammation. Heightened inflammation increases the risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other illnesses, as well as psychiatric problems.
American Journal of   Geriatric Psychiatry, March 2012
Health Alert: Slow Down -- You Move Too Fast?
People who are considered ambitious, attend the best colleges and universities, have prestigious careers and earn high salaries don't necessarily lead more successful lives. Ambition has its positive effects (in terms of career success, it certainly does) but ambitious people are only slightly happier than their less- ambitious counterparts and they actually live somewhat shorter lives.
Journal of Applied   Psychology, March 2012
Diet: Fish Oil.
Six weeks of supplementation with fish oil significantly increased lean mass and decreased fat mass in test subjects.
International   Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, October 2010

Exercise: Good Reasons.
Exercise helps you maintain proper muscle balance, reduces the rate and severity of medical complications associated with hypertension, helps alleviate menstrual symptoms and lowers your heart rate response to submaximal physical exertion.  
Surgeon General's   Report on Physical Activity and Health, 1996
Chiropractic: Adjustment or Microdiskectomy for Sciatica?  
60% of patients with sciatica (symptoms of unilateral lumbar radiculopathy secondary to lumbar   disk herniation at L3-4, L4-5, or L5-S1) who had failed other medical management (patients must have failed at least 3 months of nonoperative management including treatment with analgesics, lifestyle modification, physiotherapy, massage therapy, and/or acupuncture) benefited from spinal manipulation to the same degree as if they underwent surgical intervention.
JMPT, October 2010
Wellness/Prevention: Dark Chocolate Good   For The Heart.
A flavonoid called epicatechin, found in dark chocolate, enhances mitochondria structure in   people with advanced heart failure and type 2 diabetes. Mitochondria are cellular structures that provide the energy a cell requires in order to move,   divide, and contract. Both heart failure and type 2 diabetes impair these cells, resulting in abnormalities in skeletal muscle. In individuals with diabetes and heart failure, these abnormalities in the heart and skeletal muscle cause decreased functional capacity, resulting in difficulty walking even short distances, shortness of breath, and a lack of energy.
Clinical   and Translational Science, March 2012

Weekly Health Updates

Weekly Health Update
Week   of: Monday, April 16th, 2012
Courtesy of:
Health   and Wellness Chiropractic
(701)   483-6325

"The main goal of the future is to stop   violence. The world is addicted to it."
~ Bill Cosby


Mental Attitude: Music and Emotions.
Music can evoke   positive emotions, which in turn can lower stress levels. In a survey study,   positive emotions were experienced more often and more intensively in   connection with music listening. The more the participants liked the music,   the less stress they experienced. To get the positive effects of music, you   have to listen to music you like.
University of   Gothenburg, March 2012
Health Alert: Slow Brain Growth In Babies Linked To   Depression During Pregnancy!
Many women   experience a roller coaster of emotions during pregnancy: stress, confusion,   fear, sadness and depression. Babies whose mothers are depressed during   pregnancy have a greater chance of growing slower, resulting in the head and   body showing retarded growth. Also, antidepressants increase the risk of slow   growth in the development of babies' brains.
Archives of General   Psychiatry, March 2012
Diet: High-Fat Diets Increase Colon Cancer Risk.
Eating too much fat   and sugar puts a person at greater risk for colon cancer and obesity. In   normal tissue from patients with colon cancer, they found that epigenetic   marks on genes involved in breaking down carbohydrates, lipids and amino   acids (abundant in the fatty Western diet) appeared to have been retrained.   Epigenetic marks are chemical modifications that serve as on/off switches for   many genes. These foods are changing the methylation patterns on a person's   insulin genes so that they express differently, pumping out more insulin than   the body requires.
Cancer Prevention   Research, March 2012
Exercise: Exercise Linked To Change In DNA.
Exercise almost   immediately alters DNA in healthy but inactive men and women. Although the   genetic makeup is not altered, DNA molecules change structurally and   chemically when a person exercises. One researcher noted, "Our muscles   are really plastic. We often say 'You are what you eat.' Well, muscle adapts   to what you do. If you don't use it, you lost it and this is one of the   mechanisms that allow that to happen."
Cell Metabolism,   March 2012
Chiropractic: Is Chiropractic Safe? YES.
Chiropractic's   non-surgical, drug-free approach to health places it among the safest of all   health care practices. Remember, chiropractic takes nothing out of the body   and puts nothing in. As a result, chiropractors enjoy one of the lowest   malpractice rates of all health care professionals.
Massachusetts   Chiropractic Association
Wellness/Prevention: How Much Selenium?
While too much   selenium may result in the development of type 2 diabetes, high selenium   intake has been shown to protect against certain cancers, such as lung,   colorectal, bladder, and prostate cancer. It also increases male fertility   and has positive effects on antiviral function. Low selenium intake has been   linked to memory and brain decline, low immune system quality, and a greater   risk of death.
The   Lancet, March 2012

Weekly Health Updates


Week of:

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Mental Attitude: Memory and Stress.

Anyone who has ever experienced chronic stress knows it can take a toll on both your emotions and your ability to think clearly. Researchers have discovered a neural mechanism that directly links repeated stress with impaired memory. This study also provides critical insight into why stress responses can act as a trigger for mental illnesses. Neuron, March 2012

Health Alert: Sleeping Pill Dangers!

Sleeping pill sales increased by 23% from 2006-2010 and generated about $2 billion in annual sales. Sleeping pills (including Ambien and Restoril) are linked to a 4.6 times higher risk of death and a significant increase in cancer. Among patients who were prescribed just 1-18 sleeping pills per year, the risk of death was 3.6 times higher. Rates of new cancers were 35% higher among patients who were prescribed at least 132 doses a year, compared with those who did not receive prescriptions. BMJ Open, March 2012

Diet: Rosemary Essential Oil On My Mind?

Blood levels of a rosemary oil component correlate with improved cognitive performance. Results indicate, for the first time in human subjects, that concentration of 1,8-cineole in the blood is related to an individual's cognitive performance, with higher concentrations resulting in improved performance. Both speed and accuracy were improved, suggesting that the relationship is not describing a speed-accuracy trade off.

Therapeutic Advances in Psychopharmacology, March 2012

Exercise: Yoga And Stress.

Yoga may be effective for stress-related psychological and medical conditions such as depression, anxiety, high blood pressure and cardiac disease. The theory could be used to develop specific mind-body practices for the prevention and treatment of these conditions in conjunction with standard treatments.

Medical Hypotheses, March 2012

Chiropractic: Safety of Adjusting.

No one pays closer attention to injury statistics than Malpractice Insurance carriers. Scott Haldeman, M.D., D.C. reviewed malpractice claims records for a 10-year period between 1988 and 1997. In reviewing 134.5 million chiropractic adjustments, there were 23 cases of stroke or vertebral artery dissection. 10 of these had complicating factors such as high blood pressure, use of oral contraceptives, or a history of smoking, all associated with vascular disease. The incidence of stroke or vertebral artery dissection following neck adjustments was one per 5.85 million. On average, a chiropractor would have to work for 1430 years (48 full chiropractic careers) for this to happen once! Driving to the office is probably more dangerous. Canadian Medical Association Journal, 2001

Wellness/Prevention: Irregular Heartbeat?

An irregular heartbeat, atrial fibrillation, is a strong predictor of cognitive decline and the loss of independence in daily activities in older people at risk of cardiovascular disease. This is just another good reason to maintain your heart health and get checked to prevent heart problems.

Canadian Medical Association Journal, March 2012


"The more serious the illness, the more important it is for you to fight back, mobilizing all your resources - spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical." ~ Norman Cousins


Weekly Health Updates

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